Dance of Democracy

bleeding at the tip of the religion sword
democracy is inching towards death’s door
a fascist regime stands guard
having chained secularism
under the pretext of fear-mongering

dispersing dread among a faction
amidst loud sloganeering

caste, the ugly-tongued serpent
slithering its way into graveyards
casting out the underprivileged

suppression of voices and rights alike
no less horrifying
than the holocaust

jubilation marks the rot setting
into the shaky politics
powered by hatred

religious fanaticism spreading its wings
at the behest of radicalisation

the ramifications of the blame game
visible in the dwindling of the economy

it’s time to take down the fortified ramparts
that keep away the common man
from basic human rights

it’s time to raise our voice
it’s time to make a change
it’s time to take a stance
it’s time to have democracy take centre stage

relinquish the polarisation
stab unabashed propaganda in its eye
fight tooth and nail to negate it

time to give the nation its true identity
created by the people
for the people
of the people

severe ties with political agenda
root for a secular society
wipe clean and sheath the sword
resurrect the democracy that was promised
and make it a reality

Ranjini Iyer is a poet by chance and a feminist by choice.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty