Dear Kashmiri Brothers and Sisters, We Are With You!

Dear Kashmiri brothers and sisters,

It’s been more than one month since you have been under siege, within an undeclared emergency.

The government fooled you and the nation, you called your home, cheated you by changing your fate overnight.

I’m sorry.

We couldn’t do anything.

Our hands were tied by law.

You, my dear Kashmir there, your voices are shut unlawfully, your cries are silenced and your pain is ridiculously celebrated.

But you don’t worry!

We’ve signed petitions and pleas of justice for you.

Most of us are taking caring of your children, here.

Until then your loved ones are our responsibility.

While your basic rights are being violated, we’re only writing here on social media.

Detention, imprisonment, pellet guns, tear gas, or death of an expected child due to communication gap.

We can’t even fathom your pain.

We’ve read the news that you’re being tortured and given electric shocks.

In your hard times, we, the people of India, stand in solidarity with you.

Like you, we don’t accept the Indian government’s immoral decision for you.

We promise to fight with you till the end.

Can’t reach you but we can feel your pain, and are disturbed with your heartbreaking situation.

The irony is I’ve written this letter for you, but it will never reach you.

We love you.

Hope to hear from your side, soon!


Someone who’s heart is emotionally integrated with you

Huneza Khan is pursuing his bachelors in commerce from a college in Bhopal

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty