The Fine Gentlemen of the Delhi Polo Club

A poem in response to the 2020 ‘boys locker room’ incident written by someone who watched it unfold up close and personal.

The fine gentlemen of the Delhi polo club
Soak in the sun on their chairs, ‘staches twined
The gentlemen of the Delhi polo club
Soak in their victory, sip on sparkling wine
The gentlemen of the polo club
Meet at the locker room post game, chortle like swine.

The gentlemen of the club
Deliberate their mighty escapades
“It was I who ensnared the best specimen!”
Gentleman one says, truly desperate
“Nay, mine is the one that has the best specifications!”
Gentleman two frankly grew weary of such deliberation.

calls out gentlemen three, in a thunderous roar!
“I shall not stand for such comparisons any more!
‘Mine is the one who is indubitably best suited
As mine is the youngest, and mine is most secluded!'”

The men of the club
Praise three for his insight.
In his sinews lies malevolence,
He may be a part of the club
Yet he was never truly inside,
He was a passive witness to crimes most abhorrent,
Unjust it would be for him to be issued a warrant,
The men
Merely mention what is in front of their eyes,
Who only wished to make a comparison of size.

Gentleman four is flabbergasted at the calls for justice
For just an innocent remark noting how large a girl’s breasts are.

Aarohan Sinha wants to be a photographer and writer with the aim of finding bits of clarity in this absurd and chaotic world.

Featured image credit: Pixabay