The Complicity of Silent Observers

Why do they scare you so?
The daughters of a land soaked in blood and gore.
From a nation borne of protest and dissent
Now bigotry reigns and the ‘othered’ lament.

A smothered nation in a sanctioned cage
Endless sojourns, hunger and no wage.
Yet, no relief, no end in sight
The protectors connive and show their hollow might.

Black lives matter, they scream from rooftops
Curiously silent on our own systemic rot.
Poisoned minds now have a silent ally
Not a peep, when the persecuted die.

A bloody present and shrouded future
Stifle the voices and protect the shooters.
Now we wonder how long will this last?
Not for long, as defiance surges hard and fast.

Shashank Shekhar is an editorial content writer for a global marketing communication firm.

Featured image credit: @thecreativeexchange/Unsplash