Don’t Tell Her to Behave ‘Like a Girl’

Don’t force anklets and bangles,
On tiny hands and feet.
Let her choose to have those,
If and when she feels.

Don’t kill her laughter,
Or tell her to behave ‘like a girl’.
Let her speak her mind,
Let her thoughts unfurl.

Teach her cooking,
But not because she is a girl.
Teach her to be independent,
To find her own world.

Let career or kids be of her will,
Not of yours or your relatives’.
And if she makes mistakes,
Tell her it’s alright.
Let her take responsibility,
But stand by her side.

Tell her to spread love and joy
And take care of people around.
But also tell her not to forget herself,
When things get tough on the ground.

Don’t expect more from her,
Just because she is a girl.
Don’t call her the stronger sex,
But make her an equal one.

Barkha Shah is a freelance writer who missed sparing enough time for her first love – writing. Now, she is making amends. She is also a digital marketing strategist and is based out of Bangalore.

Featured image credit: @ericjamesward/Unsplash