Easy Choices, Difficult Consequences

It is easy to hate these days than love;
Because all it takes is a recipe that has spoonfuls of
Parochialism, patriarchy and misinformation.

It is easy to fight these days than discuss;
Because all it takes is weapons of destruction,
Hurled carelessly and insanely towards fellow beings.

It is easy to pollute these days than conserve;
Because all it takes is spread of pollutants on this planet,
By imagining that the rest of our lives and our future generations’ lives will be spent on planet B, C, D…Z.

It is easy to blame these days than own up;
Because all it takes is a cacophony of lies, such that
The truth recedes into oblivion.

It is easy to judge these days than understand;
Because all it takes is a vision of perpetual bias,
So stubborn that it refuses to fade down for the purpose of inclusivity.

It is easy to give up these days than persist;
Because all it takes is fear, hopelessness and pessimism,
That causes the decline of torch-bearers of change.

In the same way, is it also becoming easy to turn a blind eye
To the difficult consequences these easy choices bequeath?

Prerana Thorat is a graduate in agriculture, a feminist, a music-lover and an avid reader who cares for the environment and who does not want to merely exist on this planet but wants to live a glorious, happy and dignified life. 

Featured image: Pixabay