Fajr Has Ended

Fajr has ended.
I sit upon a warm janamaz with damp cheeks,
A covered head, and a mind that speaks.

Fajr has ended.
As the muezzin murmurs the closing surah
In the streets of his watan,
I sit with unarmed verses, transpired through a peaceful tongue.

Fajr has ended.
They have come with their flags,
And declared chaos in the peace.
Chanting rimes like the one’s, in the west and beyond seven seas.
They have come, to liberate us from our inmost beliefs.

Peace slumbered in the chaos.

Fajr has ended.
I sit upon a cold ground,
With bruised cheeks.
Held close is a ripped cloth,
But a faith increased.

Fajr has ended.
There is an audible silence
On the streets.
The pages are scattered,
But the tongue is briefed.

Fajr has ended, but it will begin again.
When the powerful tongues will tie up the pages,
the expanding faith will shelter the heads.
When the muezzin will commence al-Fatiha,
The cold ground will soften on the sujood‘s warm peck.

Your flags and chants can create chaos in the peace.
Our resistance, our refusal, will then strengthen our beliefs.

Peace will awaken amidst the chaotic reign.
Fajr has ended, but it will begin again.


Urdu/Arabic translations:

Fajr: The morning prayer
Janamaz: Prayer mat
Surah : Quranic chapters
Watan: Country
Al-Fatiha: chapter of the quran
Sujood: Prostration

Maryam Hassan is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English honours.

Featured image: Muhsin ck/Unsplash