As I walked on the beach with rejoice,
From a distance, I heard, a grim voice,
“Show me your palm,
I will tell your charm.”
My ankles sank into the beach sand,
I saw a saree-clad lady with a stick in her hand;
I sat down to hear my future,
As she started to unravel my life’s suture,
The mount of luna is at its peak,
But beware about what you speak,
As its gravitational pull may increase your life tide,
And take you for a tumultuous ride;
The cracked creases tell tales of failures,
And words which you wanted to spell out into your dears’ ears,
The grooves reflect your hidden loves and fears,
Which once made you shed wistful tears;
But then, your marriage line is idiosyncratic,
Which makes your life chromatic,
As you are too romantic with your wife,
And consider your wife to be a mosaic of your life;
Your mercury line is soaring,
As you always have people swarming.
She gazed at me, her hands started to tremble,
She took a deep breath and my heartbeat started to tremble,
She said in a hoarse voice, “A triangle on the mount of Saturn is not an auspicious sign,”
Its time you turn to be more divine,
As your life is too complex and entwine;
Once she finished my life’s fortune telling,
For me, one question was too compelling,
Can someone actually predict things and forewarn?
Nay, she quipped, “Life is predetermined even before you are born,”
As I started to move, one thought, struck out of the blue,
From my own point of view,
What she read all through was upside down,
And so did I make myself a clown?
Alas! Let the future decipher my life’s mystery and ecstasy,
And then I would hark to chiromancy!

Rijesh Ramachandran is an engineer by education, traveller and blogger by passion. 

Featured image: Greg Rosenke / Unsplash