In the courtyard often she sat in her chair
The sun shining on the silver of her hair
Trapped in the labyrinth that was her mind
Grappling with words now difficult to find
Lost in the memories of the years gone by
With the empty, faraway look in her eyes
So near to us and yet so far away
Her true self fading each passing day
Interwind with moments so lucid and clear
Moments when she knew us and we her
Moments that were joyful yet so sad
For we knew it was gone what we had
But there were times and sadder still
When she pushed through on her will
When she knew the face but not the name
When she knew it will never be the same
When she just pretended to know
When she tried to not let it show
When she knew she couldn’t remember
When she knew her mind was failing her.

Nuveira Hasan is a writer by heart if not by profession who loves writing poems and essays. She believes in the power of the written word and she writes because she feels.

Featured image:  Danie Franco / Unsplash