Halfway House

is almost giving up on your life every day
worse than giving up on it once and for all?

it’s not necessary
for someone to listen
when you speak to them

it’s also not necessary
for someone to listen to you
and to do something about it

the possibility
to remain neutral
is for the ones who know
the depths of their rivers of grief

the world is lopsided
and we’re not equals here

there’s five people in someone’s world
someone has only got an exiguous three
and I don’t even have myself in the world I belong to

where my world once was
there’s now a memory of illegible thoughts
talking back to me in whispers –

there’s a besmirched reflection in the mirror
that doesn’t know my name but knows when I’m grieving

this reflection is not a poet yet it knows
that people who almost give up every day
have not learnt how to give up on anything

On a regular afternoon, Rahul Jha looks at his life in third person and gets increasingly agitated at how things continue to reveal themselves. You can find him on Instagram here and his blogs here

Featured image: Pixabay