Have I Missed the Bus?

What seemed easy for other kids,
Was a task for me.
I could never catch my school bus.
Outside home at 6:30 am sharp,
The prospect of getting up that early was intimidating.
I woke up late…
was always in a rush.
Reaching school
Felt like a race against time.
My father dropped me at school every day.
I ended up pleading with the teacher to let me in,
I would request, coax, cry, cajole,
Used every trick I could.
Once I managed to get inside the school,
All was forgotten.
So was the promise to be on time.
I am no longer in school,
Still wake up late.
Having faced many rejections in the school of life,
I wonder how easy it is
To get one’s foot inside the opportunity’s door.
I am still racing against time…
But now this race is an existential one,
I am left by myself to rue and ruminate,
Have I missed the bus?

Featured image:  Nick Quan / Unsplash