It’s okay if he isn’t tall,
And lean and confident.
Doesn’t matter if he’s fiercely
Strong and conveniently

He doesn’t have to be so smart
That he is never wrong,
Impeccably kind and gentle,
With an aura that screams
He’s strong.

He can just be warm
And beautiful at the core,
He can be imperfectly kind
With mischievous eyes, the kind
I’ve never seen before.

He can be a little clumsy
With a twinge of friskiness,
And I’d still love him,
For I know he’d be the cause
Of my ethereal happiness.

A little like me
And a lot like himself,
That’s all that I desire
Of him and with that the love
Has started growing by itself.

Fatimah is a political student from Lucknow. She likes to write, read and think.

Featured image:  Benjamin Davies / Unsplash