This generation is so full of incomplete thoughts and
Rushed, scared ideas that even caffeine is incapable of drowning!
The collapsing empires, millions of years summed up
Into a few pages of a clumsily drafted history textbook.
Entire generations becoming statistics if they are lucky,
Obsolete if they are not.

Pages after pages of looking at the past
From the wrong side of history,
An obscure, hasty description of an entire gender,
Assumptions after assumptions.
(They consented to jump into the pyre,
They asked for illiteracy and bondage,
The mutilated feet).

How much of the story changes after each draft?
Which draft are we on today?
If they write about the blood on this side of history,
Will it be as glorified as the drops on the swords
And armours with rusty chainmail that are falling apart,
Will they acknowledge the unheard pleas and lost wars
That came with this blood?

If the theories suggesting that ‘ecological exhaustion
Led to the collapse of civilisations’ had no antithesis,
Would we still be wondering about myths and
Conspiracies by second world communist countries?

Years from now,
When the draft changes for the nth time,
And people decipher euphemisms in funny-looking emoticons,
What dystopian parallels will we be resting upon?

Titas Banerji is a designer, an artist, and a poet at heart!

Featured image: Navi / Unsplash