How Are We Expected to Cover it All?

Suddenly I feel I can sense more,
Cold touching me on different parts,
Only three layers seem to be protecting me.
And still, some parts remain exposed.
How are we expected to cover it all?
Though, that seems to be the only solution.

I know it will take more than three layers.
However, it started with no layers.
I put on one, I felt a bit warmer,
I put on second, I felt annoyed,
I put on third, I feel more covered I am
More I am being controlled.

What about the ones who have no layers?
Who cannot afford even a single layer?
Who is more exposed?
Should not the solution cover all.
There are some other solutions provided by people;
To enjoy the cold,
To let in the cold and,
To forget about the cold.

Three layers is where I am right now.
Hoping the decision of layering is mine,
And not the others
Hoping there is no need for any solution.

Megha Poonia is a PhD scholar

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty