‘I Remember Holding You, All Five Feet Three of You’

Now that it is over, you say

I should remember,

all that I can


I remember the smile on your face

shattering a dark day

lighting up the soul

And on nights like tonight,

or the night before, or the one before that

I seek the light


Now that it is over, you say,

I better write this in time,

Unlike the chances I missed


I remember when you spoke

I paid attention, like never before

knowing the world anew

like a child staring at a new born

or a cat at a string


Now that it is over, you say

I must be grateful for all it was


I remember the happiness I felt

as our eyes met

across the room,

crowded or empty

You’d be glad to know

that the routine grew on me

like the best habits do


Now that it is over, you say,

We must know how good it was


I remember

Holding you

All five feet three of you

Warm embrace of the summer sun

Smell of the first rain

Recently experienced

Never forgotten



Now that it is over, you say,

I wonder how you are,

what you are doing,

how you feel

Hoping to know

the way I used to,

not as an answer,

but a revelation



I remember you

when trains and planes

rattle my windows

And wish to remind you

how the quiet of my other room

was broken by your humming


Now that it is over, you say

I wonder

Were we just ships in the night

or the stuff of longer tales


I sing sometimes

Thanks to you

You’d be proud

My voice doesn’t make me hate

Thanks to you


Now that it is over, you say

This hopefully lasts

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Featured image credit: David Núñez/Unsplash