I Remember You

It’s after a long time
I remember you.
In the silence of night,
Your image masquerades,
The darkness littered on walls
And forms a reflection
On the river of my soul.

I remember you,
In my embraced moments
When I swirl around you,
Like curls of your shining hair
I am absorbed.
It pains me to see you going away
Away from my memory!

There was a time when,
We were together.
Our world was embarked
With love.
Ah! If it had remained
The same like this,
Unresisting pain.

After you left,
My world was full of despair.
An autumn of forever fall
Inhabited my Spring garden,
And it’s fire burnt
The colourful roses that
I had left for you.

Even after all
These sorrows and pain,
I step back
Hopelessly on
The ladder of memory
Where still,
I remember you.

Mir Umar is a student of English Literature at Delhi University.

Featured image credit: Cherry Laithang/Unsplash