I Touch Dimensions

We jumped off the train at the very last moment, still rich in momentum we ran
A few timelines almost embodying success with primitive intuition
You grazed my jittery hands and a future self radiated outward into the untamed holographic space

In-depth perception of my unkempt fingernails matted with soil and ganja
There will germinate a sapling of the coldest colour and only visible inside a light box if
You see it spot the angle of incidence of your touch reflected on the angle of my quivering lips

The local train journeys are so mundane in the ladies compartment even a wayward glance
A slight fluctuation a grazing on the breast is at once enraging and overwhelming
The physical perception became an irrecoverable curiosity as a finale death to every other known senses

All those other women who jumped along whose bodies were rubbing against mine and yours
Were they also touching and living and dying inside
Or is this how eros communicates with me only with this clairsentience encircled by a jungle of bodies in the midst of experience as revelation

Then in that jump I could become an object of emotive impermanence
Holding the hand of my home entering a wilderness and synergy as intimacy

Rukmini is a sensitive, confused person always oscillating between pain and joy.