In Photos | Sleep Knows No Bounds

This photo feature is based on the idea of sleeping as an unconfined act. As a person who has spent a fair bit of time travelling via public transportation, I’ve noticed a number of different ways people sleep in public. And, being someone who battles sleepless nights, sleep is something that has forever intrigued me. How a quick nap, for some, could be at your arms stretch in scorching summer, and how for the rest it could be unachievable even after rolling side to side on a cosy bed for the zillionth time.

While wandering across the streets of Delhi, I observed how a carefree sleep is in itself an act of rebellion. The rebel chooses their space and themselves over everything else for that moment.

Shaily Mishra is currently pursuing her master’s in Mass Communication from MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia.