In Photos | The Reopening of Dilli Haat

Dilli Hatt is among Delhi’s largest tourist attractions, and prides itself on accommodating over 600 individuals nearly every day and promoting Indian craftsmen and artists – during a normal year.

The ongoing pandemic has had a disastrous effect on the market. Dilli Hatt re-opened for customers on the July 4 after the Delhi government has issued certain guidelines under which the market is allowed to function.

With the pace of things in the city picking up again despite the rising number of cases, we decided to venture out and take a look at Dilli Haat in a bid to visually glean whether the pandemic managed to rob the beloved spot of its charm.

Dilli Haat

In order to encourage people to visit the market, the authorities had withdrawn the entry fee for 15 days.

Mannequins dressed in exquisite kurtis also wore face masks, which were also up for sale.

One of the very few shops which was open for business. The majority of shops/stalls were closed as many people returned to their home towns and have yet to come back.

Two puppies and a man seen seeking shelter from the scorching sun in one of the abandoned shops.

A very small number of stalls and shops were open for business.

Visitors seen wearing masks.

Rows of abandoned shops.

A shopkeeper at his empty stall.

Some visitors seen exploring the market.

This spot is where live performances and events like Comic Con are usually staged, attracting throngs of people.

Restaurants with empty seating areas and a dog sitting on a table.

An employee of a restaurant serving food while practicing all the required safety measures.

Dilli Hatt’s empty parking lot.

Verda Subzwari is a journalism student at AJK Mass Communication and Research Center, Jamia Millia Islamia and Anusuya Chakraborty has majored in English from the same university.

All images have been provided by the authors.