In the Room, the Women Come and Go, Talking of… Pressure Cookers?

Circa rewind 100 years,
Pound read H.D.’s words,
passed a kindling writ,
called it le imagiste.

Imagists used images,
To respond to the contemp’ cages,
Eliot too, wrote of the crooked eye,
Me too, scared of Kokilaben’s kohled eye.

Patient etherised upon a table,
Or khali cooker on the gas’ parable,
tell me something more evocative,
I’ll wait, oh my elite native.

Circa today 23:32
Emotions, still o so true,
You ask questions one, two, three,
My answer: Woh Rashi thi!

Jayosmita Ganguly is a second year Masters student of English Literature at St. Xaviers’ College, Kolkata. In a perpetual identity flux, she speak existentialism, multiculturalism and cartoon son.

Featured image credit: YouTube; Illustration: LiveWire