In There Lies Her Freedom

She was born today, a long seventy five years ago.
Her flag was woven by the sacrifice of millions,
At the ruins of the Crown Raj, began her ‘tryst with destiny’.
In her flight to the skies of freedom,
She had to fight the evils of her past.

She went through the perils of dogma and ignorance.
She wasn’t weak but resilient,
She marched forwards, taking all together, the tough and the fragile.
She marked her space in the space,
She resides in everyone who resides in her,

It was in her beauty,
There thrived reason and knowledge,
It was in her complexity,
There lived unity in diversity,

As she turns seventy five,
She is forever young,
With energy and exuberance.
She still fights the darkness of poverty, ignorance and bigotry.
She endured troubles back and will endure again.

Her relentless spirit of oneness,
Her underlying bedrocks of love and inclusivity,
Her unbroken thread of plurality and fraternity,

In their lies her freedom,
She will shine again and always for another seventy five and till eternity.

Happy Independence Day!

Tanmay Ingle is a student.

Featured image: Reuters