Indifference, a Poem

O, with the prevalence of bigotry,
How can love and humanism
Pave their way through inequality,
Which usurps our liberalism?
From the blues of discrimination,
Tyrannous is this stratification.

Two-facedness drives our world of hypocrisy
Here honest feelings and emotions are mere,
From the bonds of slavocracy
None of us are spare!
Slaves of our forged authenticity,
Pleasure we find in false beauty.

And oblivious of true beauty,
Not knows our prejudiced minds
The boldness in reality holds true beauty
And truth is what beauty finds,
But somewhere it fears to be bold
Because falseness, it knows, will withhold!

Made in heaven we are,
But makers of heaven we’re not;
All of us are at par
But none detached from the knot,
That fastens us to this difference,
Because all we know is indifference!

Prachi Gupta is a 16-year-old Arts student at Ramnarain Ruia College.

Featured image credit: Pro Church Media/Unsplash