On another doom scroll run
Found out, a close friend lost his mother
Numb, tears incoming while I text him
Some condolences along with my number
Don’t know how I’ll help him, but still.

A friend shares a funny video
I see that right after my existential crisis
I laugh at the video
The tears still waiting to be realised
Maybe shocked, at the sudden plot twist.

The open screen in front of me
Suddenly hits me on the head
I prioritise the impending week ahead
Of Monday blues and whatnot.

On the 60th minute
When I finish my spreadsheet
I see myself in an imagined mirror
Thinking; times are not the same
And neither am I.

Ayushman Basu is a marketer by profession with dreams of becoming a musician one day. Even if the album might not be a hit, it will strike a chord with some people.

Featured image credit: 愚木混株 Cdd20/Pixabay