Is Technology Turning Us Into Zombies?

We wake up, check our phones
Pull it out of the charger
Then take it to the bathroom.
The day’s monotony begins like this
As hot water comes
Out of our privileged faucets.

And guess what,
It’s Monday morning
We gotta go to work
Where there is no Game Of Thrones
Right now, to discuss.
Though, we still look at memes
Fan theories and what not
Have ourselves consumed
By a fictional telly war.

But we’re humans, we move on
We find some other thing to lean on.
Another show,
An internet trend,
Some fake news
Or something real –
Sometimes we find a person
And call them God, instead.

Press a button,
The world is at our feet.
When was the last time
Any of us went to a library?

We do our jobs
Without enough breaks
Then it hits us
And we crumble
Yet, we talk to an app about it!

We search for love
And sometimes it all gets lost
When we swipe left and right
To filtered pictures on
A five-inch screen-
That’s not real to me.

Don’t lie to me,
We’re all the same.
Different poisons
Same slow deaths
If we don’t pull our act together
The lights will burn out
And the curtains will fall,
Thus, putting an end
To us all.


Arunima Gururani is a 24-year-old based in Delhi and is passionate about social justice issues and fiction. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter as @arunimagururani.