Jocose Days , Lachrymose Earth

Festivals are days of joy
Where we sing, dance and enjoy
We celebrate, be together and bring mirth
But our celebrations often forget mother earth
We scatter and litter with plastic, colours and paper
We waste gallons of water
And forget that it is as precious as matter
Do we think of the impact it creates on earth?
Do we know that it leads to dearth?
Do we know who cleans the waste created by us?
The same person who was made waterless by us
Our actions make the earth worn and bare
Often we pretend not to bother and care
For we forget that we inherited the earth from our parents
And we should give a better one to our kids when we become parents
Festivals are days of joy
We ought to be more responsible when we sing, dance and enjoy
For it is we who should care for our earth
To make our life more worthwhile.

Rijesh Ramachandran is an engineer by education, traveller and blogger by passion. 

Featured image:  Joshua Brown / Unsplash