Last Night, I Had a Dream

Last night, I had a dream of chasing a sunset
on a rickshaw,
another one
of tracing two moons
secretly saved
under your almond-shaped eyelids.

The constant push and pull
between the night and the dream… both blurring into one…
like a pyre lost in transit.

Just enough light outside
from the chilly night
making your tiny palms
my slippery landing site…

Every time we kissed, you smiled
your newly-found wrinkle creases
rushing to your resting eyes.

The morning light
pale and tired against the slow night

of chasing sunsets and
dreams and pyres…

Rachit Sharma works in the social sector, he designs and facilitates leadership programs for young people. He is currently based in Meerut.

Featured image: Diego PH/Unsplash