Lest We Forget

Even if our tears dry out eventually
Let our eyes smart in memory of this acrid smoke
Lest we forget the tears that choke us today.

Our tongues hang heavy with grief
Unable to lament the torment of losing our beloved.
As we grapple to hold ourselves afloat
Never forget those unfulfilled promises made by loud wagging tongues
Let’s etch them in our hearts.

Wringing hands desperate to hold loved ones
As they struggle to draw a breath
A precious ounce of air unavailable
As numbers fall 98- 93- 87- 84-63-17-00
Hold those hands that wave from raised platforms, accountable
Draw every breath hence in memoriam.

Engulfed in our collective sorrow
We bear witness to our fellow humans falling like flies
Victims of a mass negligence and arrogance
Governance gone wrong
We must bear the heaviness in our hearts forever.

This one time, let’s pray that time doesn’t heal our sores
Let them fester and flare
Let the fire in our hearts simmer and boil over into our eyes
Let our fury burn those who brought us to our knees
Led us into an apocalypse
Through sheer ignorance.

Our hearts are getting soft black spots on it–like a fruit gone bad
Each spot a life being snuffed out
The rot setting in
The stench is overwhelming
Plunging one and all into this man-made purgatory
While mansions are being built over the shaky foundations of the spoilt fruit.

As millions watch this dance of death
Inflicted by megalomania and the pretence of being caught unawares
Remember to keep the embers glowing
Eager to leap into flames
As years from now they’ll be back with folded hands
Seeking our affirmation
To their saffron
To let them lead us yet again
Let’s make a collage of all the suffering and sorrow
Affix it safely in a corner of our hearts
Lest we forget.

Ranjini Iyer is a poet by chance and a feminist by choice. You can find her on Instagram @worthy_wordsmith

Featured image credit: Arek Socha/Pixabay; Editing: LiveWire