Life Lessons for My Future Daughter

My daughter will grow up knowing
that the hair on her knuckles
and the kindness in her soul
makes her more human
than any of us could ever be.

That the way her thighs touch
are two lovers
who can’t get enough of each other
that when her brows meet
they join two uniquely
separate worlds
and that her stretch marks
are like streaks of paint on
this cocoa coloured masterpiece.

My daughter will know
her body is her eternal home
a sacred symbol of the unison
of all that is right in this universe
it is the perfect functioning
of every single organ just to keep her alive
this body is the one she’ll grow up
and grow old in
my daughter will grow up knowing
our anatomy is best left loved and untouched.

Sara Pandey is a part-time writer and full time student who is smack in the middle of an existential crisis.

Featured image credit: ART_of_ROSH/Unsplash