Love is a Swimming Pool

Love is a swimming pool
We’re two lovers in the shallows
Who love to be in love and wallow
And our love is pure and clean
As pure as the waters we’re in –
Piss and chlorine.
You’re in it cause you’re bored
I’m in it for the breaststroke
We kiss, we laugh, we kiss more
Till one of us gets the joke
and we part ways
See you again
On a sweaty summer day

Love is a stream
A lucid dream
I’m glad I found you dear
Today I’m here
I’ll always be near
No more fears, no more tears
For indefinite years
We’ll float forever
An unending endeavour
Never will I stray
Stay with me until the
End of our days

You seem quieter
But that’s okay
You’ll always be my babe
All of a sudden,
A different current
You’re gone, you’re swept away
Except it wasn’t all of a sudden
I saw a dozen warnings
Then again,
I can’t love without delusions
So I’ll just be floating and gloating and floating
and gloating and floating and gloating

Love is an ocean
The contortionist emotion
I love you wide and I love you deep
You say you love me before you sleep
I say I love you as soon as I wake
Oh what a perfect escape
The storms are brewing
The waves are grooving
You spot an iceberg’s tip
But don’t worry, oh dear

Our sails are blooming
But there’s still something looming
And it’s getting plenty confusing
‘It’s simple’, you say ‘don’t you see darling-
Our love is consuming us.’

What happens next, you already know
I’m once again all alone
It won’t happen again
(Oh how I wish)
Someone somewhere said something
about there being plenty of fish
Love is a swimming pool
Fill it to the brim
I’m only a fool who still hasn’t learnt
How to swim