Mindful Dancing

My stealthy shadows
prancing in closed walls
soaking up light
swaying wind blows
through the window
waking me up to the

of the rhythm
of a beating heart
swirling hair
a smile knowing I am beautiful
the way I am
the joy of abhinay

the pain of body and soul
vanishing in the twirl of
my body upright
leaving behind
crooked spine
launching me
to reach the sky I love
prancing to tunes of jazz

memory dancing
back and forth to the
stage that was once lit
promise of another chance
to shine outside and within
be the old me
carefree, joyous
all the while
eyes twinkling in
my stealthy shadows
prancing within closed walls.

Latika Sehajpal is an administrator in Himachal Pradesh civil services, who has been passing her time painting and writing because of her spine injury.

Featured image credit: Artur Aldyrkhanov/Unsplash