Missing People

Their images still sit inside our gallery
Few of them on our social media accounts,
Hidden beneath a heap of new ones posted over the years,
These old ones, rarely found.

All it takes is a scroll down to that year,
To make us smile or leave us in nostalgic tears.

With us in different frames,
Under different filters are these missing people–
Dormant at sight,
But powerful enough to unleash an upheaval.

These pictures we once wished to frame,
Now hang their heads in invisible shame

Forgotten, is the time captured in the click,
The caption as meaningless as words scribbled to check a new pen’s ink.

Unnecessary evidence to a connection long lost
If the people are missing, shouldn’t the image disappear too?

But its loyalty lies to the people we once were–
A past no one can undo.

To all the missing people
We once knew
Hope you smile as widely as you once used to.

Going to let our images be
A bittersweet testimony
Of hearts broken, of lessons learnt,
Of friendships and enemies.

Wamika Singh a writer, conceptualiser and a moody poet.

Featured image credit: Pixabay