Mother’s Birthday

Draping the turmeric saree hem around her waist
She greets me with the warmest hays
The day of the month in the year it is
When the wishes for her birth come in nitty-gritties
Her husband in wonderful applause
Elaborates the dinner menu with a pause–
Bhindi, eggplant and stuffed karela
With salad and
Gin and tonic to serve with the umbrella.

Oh wait! It’s the day of the month in the year
When she cuts the cake with fans and fare
The vanilla topping the way he likes it
She celebrates the day with the hues of his life
The saree,
The food, and,
The cake
Everything is his except the birthday–
The tinsel of metal lining up the drawing room
The string of photo clips shinning like Diwali
Everything is for her.

But, alas! She cannot be found anywhere
Where is the mother? Where is the Mother?
The guess of the husband is right
She is right in the corner serving rice–
It is the day of the month in the year
When she celebrates the choice of her dear.

Sayantani Upadhaya is a student of English Literature.

Featured image: Hamid Roshaan / Unsplash