‘My Beloved Husna’ : A Love Story Set in Sudan

This poem talks about a fictional love story set in the background of an apocalyptic Sudan. 

My beloved Husna,

I hope you slept fine last night because
I didn’t.
The mosquitoes weren’t as disturbing as the gunfire
and Ali’s and his wife’s screams last night.
The barbarians were issuing tickets late at night
and this morning I woke up once again to find someone watering their plants with blood.

I am writing to you to tell you that
yesterday evening I had a conversation with God – a long distance call.
He had left our land Sudan long ago
and is currently vacationing in some exotic place in the Brazilian rainforest.
His secretary picked up the call
and I told her to connect me to God quickly
because, you know, these international calls are so expensive
(cost me, my little brother and sister, once).

God finally came on the line after five minutes.

I wanted to ask God for your safety,
but my conversations with people who have lost their loved ones in Sudan
had me believing that this scheme has already been terminated.

So I asked God this –
I asked him to issue me my ticket to heaven before he issues you yours.

I know I am a weak man Husna.
Forgive me,
for my heart can only hold your love
and never your death.
In another life,
when we will be in a better place, with better people and better Gods,
I will be your better man.

I want to tell you that God complied, Husna.

Told me that I will get my ticket at 11 in the morning of June 18th on my way to work.

Dear Husna,
it’s 10:45 a.m., June 18th
and I am on my way.

Yours and only yours in life and death,

Neha Jha is a fourth-year medical student with a knack for poetry and storytelling

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty