My Computerised Body

I once again hurried my way to the mail icon,
Touched it like I have been seeking a butterfly,
Though it does not flatter with beauty but
Once again blooms with no scent,
An inbox full of ‘Promotions’, ‘Socials’ and ‘Primary’
Lies there like three cactuses.
It stings my eyes to capture this first thing
In the morning but I still detour my pupil to take in
The devastated dying words that are on the screen.
I freed them but I have bound myself.
I have consumed the digital meal,
A cereal full of energy consumption steak,
A glass full of blue light and a morsel snack of download history,
Something that has always been a mystery.
I had my light breakfast today,
What can I do about it now? It’s a start.
And if it’s the end. What else can I do about it?
Oh with my computerised body, I have learnt one thing
To be faithful, to be useful only.

Revika Sangamita (she/they) is an aspiring poet, dreamer and a student residing in New Delhi. She embraces her queerness, mental health issues, healing and grief through poetry. Their work has been featured in LiveWire, Graveyard Zine, Evoke & Echo Literary Magazine and several anthologies. They are also a staff poet at Outlander Zine.

Featured image:  Milad Fakurian / Unsplash