‘My Dystopic Nightmares’: An Artist’s Impression of the Lockdown

Amidst a nationwide lockdown, political instability and isolation, I turn to art to vent my suppressed fears about what’s going around and what lies ahead.



1. They burnt their hunger into ashes.

They ate the ashes with honey.

Sweet honey.

Sweeter than the prime time news debates!


2. I saw a window-like creature.

A creature that craves for freedom.

Freedom comes with a cost.

There’s freedom available in the market.

But the shops are closed.

The shops that used to sell freedom online are closed too!


3. I saw a human.

A human of orthochromatic sensation.

A human who screams.

A human who is a construction worker of isolation.

A human who used to use black tapes instead of concrete.


4. Who abandoned whom?

They said the car abandoned the street.

I saw the street to abandon the car.

The street was hungry.

Hungry enough to not eat anything.


5. I saw them.

They were playing games.

Locked down.

Indoor games.

They were playing indoor games with nail cutters.

They cut their nails like nightmares cut the wounds.