My Thoughts in Quarantine – A Poem

I should write a poem about this
But I will have to follow the rhyming scheme
I have hardly read anything in a while
The poem will be rubbish
But I have to do something
Maybe read a book
But the book I have is a fiction
Oh, I wanted to be a writer at 14
That was 2014, it was so different
I was a kid, BJP was newly in power
My family was rejoicing
Why were they rejoicing they knew what it stands for?
They wanted a change but they support tyranny
They also are responsible for killing people
Oh god! There might be people without homes in this pandemic
And it must be so painful to lose your loved ones to this virus
You can’t hug their bodies, hold them one last time.

An article said pandemics will be common in coming times
Government should really do something
It did. They asked people to bang utensils
Sharma uncle was banging the plate on Sunday
Like it was some celebration
His 30-year-old useless son was blowing the conch
The country was like Ganga ghat
It was less about the pandemic more about religion
I wish was able to convince Sharma uncle about
How supporting the BJP isn’t right
But I am not able to convince Ma and Pa
How do I convince others?

Maybe its not my fault that they are filled with hate
But they are my parents and they weren’t like this
May they were like this and I was too careless to notice
I am not alone, I see others ranting on twitter about this too
But why does it feel like burden,
The burden of not being enough
The burden of being too much at times
The burden of fighting uselessly
The burden of not standing up
I think I am stressing a bit much but
I haven’t seen my friends in a while
I didn’t hug them properly the last time
I will write a poem about them,
But I will have to follow the rhyming scheme.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty

Saumya Khatri is pursuing History honours from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University. A typical Gen Z, she likes to explore new films and music as well as challenges fascism and patriarchy every now and then. She can reached on Instagram @saumyaaaaaaaaaaa.