My Yellow-Eyed Friends

On my weekly evening strolls,
Among the lush gardens and the knolls,
I visit an owl family of four,
Living high up a tree in a snug little home with no door.
A long unblinking stare in the eye,
Is their preferred way to greet me, “Hi”.
Off to sleep then they go,
After surveying me for a minute or so.
The cute little owlets have their own charm;
They play hide and seek crouched in their woody nest warm.
And peek out adorably at me from,
The hiding spot behind their yawning mom,
With mischievous eyes yellow and wide,
Then quick in their hole they go and hide;
At the tiniest movement towards their side.
One particular antic I have enjoyed the most,
When they bob their head up and down perched on the lamp post,
Active and excited with gleeful amber eyes aglow,
As if I had a dead mouse dangling from my elbow,
And they did not want to let a nice twilight dinner go.
Thus continues this endearing tale even today,
I stop by this viridescent old tree on my way,
In the hope of some more curious display,
And hilarious antics to make my day!

Varsha Bais is a scientific staff and gourmand working in IIT Gandhinagar who loves to travel, write poems, and marvel at nature.

Featured image: Provided by the author