I am a namesake of culture
Waiting to make culture my namesake.

Chic feels and poster red,
Just the vibe to go.
The morning sun and deep sindur;
The blush of evening glow.
Right there above these eyes of mine,
Just there between the brows.
The touch of vicious hibiscus,
The blood these lips do show.

I am the namesake of the sun
So bright and brilliant—
Fading at dusk,
Like falling husk,
Resisting the resilience.

I am my own namesake,
No me has been here before;
And none will come hereafter,
With this grace and drowning roar.

I’ll work and labour every day
With my prose and poetry:
So my namesakes in this wretched world
Will be really, truly, free.

My art will be the
Cyclogenesis of the age of my nomen
When humour ceased to humour more
Than alleviate the pain.
I am namesake of a struggle
Of a beautiful community –
With fire blazing in our hearts
Along the rainbows and breezy trees.
For, following centuries of persecution,
It is finally time to seize,
Subject society to scrutiny:
Their tyranny to cease.

To rise along in unity–
To harmonise community–
Break the hegemonised dichotomy–
The time to set about our mutiny!

Indranil Basu is a poet, artist and student from Kolkata. You can find him on Instagram @indranilbasu_ and his poetry @indra_poetry . 

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty