On Turning 50

We shall celebrate.
Yes, though youth is a dim memory, our glories are not.
Rejoice, friends, we shall march in those alleys of our yesterdays,
Yes, we shall celebrate.

Eyes misted over in memory, we shall gaze at brave impetuous youth
Who mocked truths and basked in the fool’s momentary glory
We shall nod in grim recollection of deeds of foolish bravery.
Yes, we shall celebrate.

Unveiling memories of a thousand evenings of free laughter, carefree joys,
Fearless quests for distant dreams and raucous, rude songs,
We shall nod in glum recollection and wipe wet eyes.
Yes, we shall celebrate.

We shall hold our palms to the singeing flames of memory
And bask in the fires of glory again, gaining strength for tomorrow
And rise, armed to mock foes of destiny, again and yet again.
Yes, we shall celebrate.

Swapan Dholakia is a communications veteran, a seeker who gets his highs through expression and exploring.

Featured image: Adi Goldstein / Unsplash