One Nation – a New Configuration

One nation?
One nation.

We all belong to the same civilisation,
yet there is discrimination.
In spite of the interconnection,
there is differentiation.
One administration,
yet conventional classification.
One nation,
yet different identification.

In spite of one’s determination,
one is put under consideration,
for categorisation.
The society we speak of is egalitarian,
but ground reality shows manipulation,
causing gradual destruction.

When one asks for justification,
they ask for verification.
Then begins the oodles of documentation,
eventually in the process of which,
stops the investigation.
For the elite, why exemption?
And for the destitute, why detention?

When there is violation
of the constitution,
Why is there negotiation
and deception
instead of declaration
of a legislation?
They say there is democratisation.
But I see segmentation
and colonialisation.

Of rights and values,
there is deterioration.
When it comes to duties,
there is indecision.
Of economy,
there is stagnation.
Of society,
there is disintegration.
Of politics and standard of living,
there is degradation.
Of religion,
there is disorientation.
Of basic necessities,
there is commercialisation.
When it comes to belief,
there’s superstition.
When it comes to taking a stand,
there is confusion.

The forlorn beings seek emancipation,
from this contamination.

A mere contemplation is as futile
as a manifestation,
unless there is devout execution.
Ages ago,
began this diversification.
Now, after realisation,
we must carry the can.
As best as one can,
and become a clan.
On expression,
there shouldn’t be a ban,
for the common man.

Because of a different interpretation,
let’s not work in contradiction to the legal transcription.
The need of the hour is communication,
for a new configuration
and for consolidation.

Maryam Fatima is a 19-year-old student at Hyderabad.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty