Order in Disguise

A life rejoiced in the infinity of skies,
Gets freeze in the finiteness of a frame
Of the musing of a photographer,
Exemplified by the craft of artistic creation,
But with no manifest senses of life!

Representation of a life,
Circumscribed by the great craftsmanship of a sculptor,
On the mass of aesthetic material,
With claims of spatial propriety.
But appealing to visual sensibilities,
Sometimes astonishing with kinetic prowess,
And distinguished by metaphysical thrust,
Like a divine manuscript, but
Bereft of life!

From the loaf of kneaded earth,
The potter yields the silhouette of utilities.
Fairly like him,
The teacher in a school,
With the tryst of shaping little nascent minds
By refurbishing them
Into the vegetate mass of brain tissues,
To be inured
With communiques and commands
For flaring as product of value
In the wilderness of souk.

Thus, with moving wheel of endless transformations all around,
The animacy of being
Gets lost in the oblivion,
Just for the obeisance of the power,
As the collective destiny.

G. Javaid Rasool lives in a small town near Lucknow. Most part of his life has wasted doing almost nothing, except earning livelihood from documentation and writing works with organisations like UNICEF, Care India, DFID, Aga Khan Foundation etc. His writings have been published in Social Scientist, Link, Times of India, Jansatta and Indian Express, besides, the websites of the ’Varsity of Columbia and WCAR (World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia & Related Intolerance).

Featured image: Pierre Bamin / Unsplash