P.S. – Your Bra

I was brought into the world to support you
Until I turned into a social norm.
I made myself an indispensable requirement.
I was supposed to be the friend that lends a hand,
Instead, I am the awkward strap that slips out,
My occasional, unwilling appearance sends aunties on a tangent!

I kept hiding,
Creeping into the market as a necessity,
As time went by, I made myself a desirable commodity,
I evolved into satin, silk, latex, and lace
Bleeding your pockets dry,
Polka Dots, Zebra Stripes, and the like,
I’m no longer “just another accessory”
I am a necessity,
The annoying, expensive necessity that you can’t get rid of.

Sometimes, I am the queen of the nightclub,
Floral and florescent, I capture your attention,
Ironically, I make you more attractive,
Yet, I was born to conceal your highly coveted possession.

Until the pandemic hit,
Soon you realised how to lead a comfortable life without me,
Comfortable without sweat dripping down your body,
When your brothers or family are close by – you run to put me on!
When you go out to grab groceries you notice my absence,
My absence, will spark patriarchal conversations, unwanted glares,
and ‘moral’ values instilled in you since you were a child,
So, you finally succumb to me.
If you decided to be bold, leaving me behind, you would be walking the walk of shame.

I was created for two purposes,
To appease society; and
To help you find a man burning with lust.
I am what stands between him and his pleasure,
A man surely loves a good challenge, and
I entice him in ways that you cannot.
I see the passion in his eyes when he rips me off.

I am a paradox, a double-edged sword,
I can either be the reason for your decency; or
the reason you are slut-shamed.

Always remember,
I am the strap that keeps you intact,
I am the hook that you cannot break free from,
I hold (protect) you under my clasp,
What am I?
A skimpy piece of cloth that covers your bare essentials.

P.S – Your Bra.

Rebecca Thomas is a 23-year-old student of Law and a graduate in Mathematics hailing from Kerala.

Featured image: Maëliss Demaison/Unsplash