Pandemic vs Prejudice

Listen, miss,
I refuse to accept any label,
I didn’t do shit to deserve this,
So why are you serving hatred on my table?

I do not mock your faith or religion,
nor do I ridicule your obedience,
I simply ask some questions,
that you do not, out of sheer ignorance.

So tell me, where do we begin?
Let’s do it once and for all,
show me what you’re hiding,
let the veil of friendship fall.

Is it because of my name,
that you indirectly generalise,
I am aware we’re not the same,
yet, as an Indian I recognise.

I pity you for following this buffoonery,
you have just set the bar,
your words drenched in bigotry,
I can smell from afar.

Do not try to shut me up,
with your pseudo patriotism,
you know who you are,
for once, try practicing pluralism.

I do not identify as those
who defy the law,
nor did I spit my phlegm
or strip naked, hope you saw.

Let’s get one thing straight,
we’re fighting a pandemic
so keep aside the hate,
we need essentials, not gimmicks.

Zareen Khan is a Delhi-based freelance writer who snorts poetry and is always up for discussing classic art films. Perpetually curious, you can find her taking random quizzes at 3 am.

Featured image credit: Reuters