A glorious rebellion for regulation,
an unmatched fatal emancipation,
Dire sirens, fainted wails – howls.
Euthanasia to our curiosity.
You might think differently,
well isn’t that a crime? A domination?
Yes, to our dull-witted shame, stands your intellect as a warrior.

Think again?
You might think differently. A crime? Domination?
A rumble of the anthem,
blended with a bitterness of your originality.

To think, one must be alive.
To be alive, one must think.

By the nature of our thought,
Mustn’t we be thoughtlessly alive?
Where, who, what, why and how?


Devarya Singhania is a student at The International School Bangalore, in the second year of his pursuit for the IBDP. He is a published poet and has an Amazon Kindle Bestseller titled ‘Armories and Arsenals’. He definitely wishes to pursue watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as a career choice.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty