Pen Versus Computer

When it comes to writing,
A pen I need,
Only then can I get
The required speed.

The flow of words,
The rhythm of sound,
Comes out only
When the pen moves up and down.

The thought develops
And it moves further,
The sentences flow
One after another.

The sound of the nib,
As it rolls on paper,
Brings out ideas
With an impact, that is greater.

When in co-ordination move,
The pen and the mission,
The outcome is great,
whether fact or fiction.

Some morons it seems
‘Write’ on the computer,
I thought I should try,
It might be better.

It’s about being savvy,
And trendy, after all.
Whatever the means,
Writing is my goal.

But I found no rhythm
In the clicking sound,
The thoughts got jumbled
And went round and round.

I hit the space bar, too hard
And fumbled with the keys,
I forgot to press shift…
For capital A, B, C, and Ds.

Typing errors tested
The patience of mine,
I took ages to reach
The concluding lines.

“I give up!” I said…
Looking for my pen,
And my dear paper,
Together let’s score…Ten out of ten!

Sarvat Fatema is a teacher’s trainer and is passionate about writing.

Featured image:  Eugene Chystiakov / Unsplash