Picture Perfect

How deceptive can a picture be?
Is everyone as happy as they seem to be

Is the wind really caressing your face
Or is it making you shudder in fear, you’re out of place.

Were you giggling so hard before the camera got in
Or did you change your expression in honour of the lens?

Is the person next to you, still close to you
Or is the image the last memory of you two?

Did that light really warm your body
Or is it a filter you added later with the post copy?

Do you like the picture as much as the likes on it
Or is it just to tell the world, you are here and you still fit?

So tell me,
How deceptive can a picture be?
Can it capture you and still set you free?
Or perhaps it’s imagined reality.

Wamika Singh a writer, conceptualiser and a moody poet.

Photo: Kaleb Nimz/Unsplash