I sit in a prison cell of white walls
Walls so white, devoid of life
The windows are dirty, mischievous
plotting to obscure reality.
The books on the walls present
worlds gone by, worlds that never existed
false worlds, giving false hope.
The people in the prison are alien
posers with false pretences, false feelings
Their voices a torturous cacophony.
The rain comes, washes the windows,
colours the walls white.
It comes with a pitter-patter
A pitter-patter that beckons action
for freedom, and to make visible reality.
Its tiny droplets offer a vision
A vision of being in this reality
The pitter-patter conveys in a rhythmic sermon,
Come out the window, escape, fly to reality.

Tanveer Malik, 20, was born and raised in Gurgaon, Haryana. He is a third-year student at Ashoka University and is pursuing a BA Honours in History.

Featured image credit: intographics/Pixabay