In the world of my dreams
I see you coming back home,
Coming home from all the atrocities.
Upon your skin you bear the history
And upon your wrinkles you bear the memory.
I want to tell you, I missed you
In the house that was haunted by your absence
Every room reeks of you.

You asked me if I had forgotten
How could I ever forget?
I could never forget you.
There is a fight, a want for freedom
I know you’ve fought hard,
You became the hero
You wished would save you.
But don’t heroes get tired too?

In my dreams you are with me,
You talk about happy endings.
If you ever come back,
Which I always pray happens soon,
I will be standing at the door
Always waiting for you.

Zainab Fatma is a student of MA in English Literature.

Featured image: Khashayar Kouchpeydeh / Unsplash