Sambar, the Humble Vegetable Stew

Yellow and white,
With all that is bright,
Came to a fight,
An insane show of might,
Fell into a vessel,
That invoked their inner weasel,
Someone poured in some hot soup,
Scared, they ran in an infinite loop,
Many more ingredients landed in the cauldron,
Swimming together, all made quite a din,
Unsure of what is in store next,
Each settled in an area fixed,
A ladle enters the broth,
Over the floats that are clearly vexed,
Bobbing up and down perplexed,
Outcome the lucky few, hiding under the froth.

Sreeyantha is a person who sees the world in all the colours of the rainbow. A creative homemaker who wishes to capture the universe’s beauty in poems, paintings and short essays. You can read a collection of her poems here.

Featured image: Kalaiselvi Murugesan/Wikimedia Commons [Licensed under CC BY 4.0]