She Sits on an Empty Swing

My churning mind
dissolves itself into pungent
acid rain that
oozes out of my eyes.

It’s like a puzzle
changing ever so often,
that I never know how
to solve, these early
mornings and late nights.

Slipping on hard concrete
as if my body wishes
to disassemble, the poison
leaks out from time to time.

For the many hugs
I want to have, from
those with constant smiles,
I clutch my pillow to
fill the void.

And as I trudge to the
mirror, splashing water on my
face, I shake off the ghost
of yesterday that didn’t
try right.

Slipping through the door,
my heart thumping in
my ear, I shakily walk
to my many roles
in this passing life.

Dania Hasan is an 18-year-old student who appreciates literature. She uses poetry as a form of expression and escape.

Featured image: Janine Robinson / Unsplash